Back to School Day 3

so many books so little time! It is so funny one of the few things that my husband and I actually have in common is that we love to read. I mean really we are always reading something, but one of the quirky things is that we like to own our books. There is just something about having them, rereading them, keeping them on the shelf. So needless to say we have tons of books (*I love magazines, too, and yes, I have stacks of them all over.) Most of my books are still in boxes in the garage until we move to our own place, I just hunt down what I need. Here is a look at two of my fashion/sewing book shelves. (my must have books- some are just there cause they were mixed in with them)

sewing, beauty, product development, costume
inspiration, draping, and random books
now if there was only 1 book that I could keep from here- say in case of fire or something; it would be this one
also known as the "Bible" in my little fashion library. I really love everything about this book and it is my favorite book ever…. I really had I hopes of designing wedding gowns, but I slowly faded from the idea not sure why!?
Some of my favorite textbooks from school- I still use them as reference quite often.
*love the way it explains color theory
*fashion illustration
*a great resource for putting a portfolio together and really explains a lot about the fashion industry
Now for my favorite sewing books:
* I think that this book really is a must for any sewer. I use it to reference all kinds of things. It really covers everything with great diagrams and instructions. I look up styles of pockets and things like that. It is a really helpful book. 
*if you like to use a lot of different fabrics, I found this to be a great resource. It tells you how to treat the fabric, what needles work best and care instruction. So helpful!
*Great for draping on a dress form. It reallys helps to learn the process. 
I am not sure if these books are still in print. I bought most of my through barnes and noble. Some are textbooks and written as such while the Complete Sewing Guide and Fabric Savvy are geared to the home sewer. Your local library might have them as well if you are interested in them. 
I really have been working in my studio as proof here is the mess that I need to clean up before I start anymore projects. 
up next for tomorrow- my must haves for sketching, sewing, and organization …. 

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