Swatch Board #11

here it is… I think summer is making it really difficult for me to stay on track with almost everything. I feel like I am finally getting back into some sort of routine. Xavier has adjusted to 1 nap a day which leaves me with little time to get anything done, and yesterday was a set back due to a migraine. The Corner Bookmark Tutorial should be up tomorrow. It is almost there and I am going to stay up tonight until it is finished. So here is to working on a new schedule hopefully one that works for awhile.

I really love this collection. I think it would work well for so many projects. All images and other info can be found at Moda Fabrics
a. 32200 12 in Sprout
b. 32203 12 in Eggshell
c. 32205 27 in Bark
d. 32205 35 in Water
e. 32202 13 in Eggshell
f. 32201 14 in Bark
g. 32204 11 in Pomegrante
h. 32205 11 in Pomegrante
i. 32200 11 in Pomegrante
p.s. Sketch Board #11 will be up on Friday, and starting the first week of August all of the swatch boards will be fall/holiday based. Let me know if you have any suggetions/requests to see on the swatch boards and I will try to make them happen.

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