My Studio and some other fun stuff!

First off, I love my studio! It is so me. This was my room when I was growing up and it use to have crazy blue carpet, but my parents and I but down some different flooring. I painted it in high school, a golden yellow, a light blue, and a darker blue (called java pool). The room has windows on every side, I get tons of light. My dad constructed the table in the middle, the thread holder, and has found many other pieces of furniture for the room.

here is the big view of the main space (sorry it is a little messy, i thrive in clutter 😉 !)
here is my scrapbooking area (that is the golden girls on tv) to the right there is another table where my buddy, jeri scrapbooks and then behind the stairs it is filled with storage shelves and bookcases (they house my collection of Martha Stewarts, die cut stuff, ribbon, books, stuff from fashion school, rubber stamps, etc)
Here is my inspiration board, dry erase board, to-do list area, (i always have some little fashion doodle on my dry erase board and you can barely see the hand chair that holds all of my interfacing)
Here's my desk, (the computer is downstairs right now) it is a huge mess, and my exercise ball made it into this shot. (I work out upstairs, too.)
Here is my work table, you can also see the sewing station and the ironing station. I have tons of stuff underneathe the table in the shelves, the left and middle is filled with sewing stuff, and the right side is scrapbooking and crafting. 
I am still moving stuff around and getting it just so. I am going to bring up another desk to put another sewing machine on, so I am going to have to adjust some stuff.
In other news, you can head over to Red Fish Circle to see the kimono outfit and fabric bookmark, I made.
Alright, talk to you all, tomorrow! 

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