It’s a lovely warm summer evening…

filled with tons of random projects. I worked on a wedding gift for a wedding I am attending in August. It was quick, simple and now it just needs a little bit of presentation pizzazz to finish it up…

This morning I made it up to the garden and was rewarding with a box full of zucchini (I am making zucchini chips in the dehydrator as I am typing this. I also have plans to freeze some for zucchini bread and in slices for other uses, the rest alas is finding good homes and getting devoured) I think we have already picked around 25 zucchinis. I also gathered up some cucumbers, royal burgundy beans, peas, and a couple of tomatoes. The beets are also ready but I am looking for a way to pickle them. (just so you all know, I hate beets, probably the only vegetable I really loathe. I really did give it ago several times, but alas we just do not agree. I only grew them for my mom and my grandparents, who actually like them- that's  real love let me tell you.)

So anyways, back to some sewing projects, I swear this is the week to finish up all of the random projects that I have lying around. I hope to get a few others started and finished up by the second week of August. I usually input all of the projects I am working on into a spreadsheet, print it out and then I also write it up on my white board. I keep track of the stages of each project, but since it is summer I really have gotten off track.

So here is the list for this week:

~ T-shirt Tunics (4 of them, 1 is in progress, 2 for me & 2 for my mom)
~ Sample Pants/Shorts for Tutorial that is almost complete
~ Cut out pieces for chair for Xavier
~ Apron

Let's hope I can get it done!

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