Gearing up for the New Season of Housewives on Bravo

really, love this show! So I thought I catch up here on the blog while I am waiting for it to start. Be right back….

sorry Xavier woke up and now he is sleeping on the couch next to me…

In other news, yesterday was my day to get my hair done. I went from dark brown to having tons of blonde highlights- here's how I roll in the morning (basically until I get time to head to the shower which is usually in the afternoon)

I did get my bangs trimmed and love them, but they are crazy in the morning so I just pin them back out of the way. So far, I love the whole haircut with highlights!

I did actually get the apron done today, fixed my friend's shorts, and went and saw a movie with Xavier. All in all a pretty good day. Tomorrow, I am going to take you on a little tour of my studio. Sorry for the late night rambling… so until tomorrow goodnight!!!

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