Swatch Board #8

*alll images and fabric from Moda 
A. Pepper Jam
B. Garden Party Sky
C. Rabbit Hole Jam
D. Tea Time Jam
E. Snip Snip Glass
F. Metamorphosis Jam
G. Pepper Pistachio
H. Tea Time Pistachio
I. Tweedle Dee Tomato
J. Snip Snip Sugar Tomato

What would you make with these fabrics? I will post my sketches of what I would love to make with them on Friday.

Now for a few fun photos from the Western Day Parade, I feel like it is the offical kick off of summer. My cousin Kristen came down and spent a wonderful almost full 2 days hanging out and having fun.

Xavier in his stroller. Here I am trying to get a picture of both of us. 
My cousin, Kristen and here is Julian, we are trying to be very patient waiting for him. Xavier can't wait so he started spreading the love. 
Giving Julian a kiss and telling him about the parade.
some of the parade. 
Don't forget to check out the poll along the top. I would love to find out what you like making.  

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