Happy Sunday!


This weekend has been pretty low-key, i helped my mom move some stuff, i hung out with some family (thanks for coming down cuz), and I have been doing some major cleaning and reorganizing in the studio. Anways, here are this months goals:
try to workout 3 times a week
work on my sewing patterns
do some major amount of sewing
hang out with some friends
create a couple of tutorials to share on the blog

let's hope I get some of these accomplished!

My garden has been growing and here are a couple of photos from the end of may

garden #1 The Vegetable Garden

Garden #2 The Vineyard 
Garden #3 Xavier's Pumpkin Patch
Here is a close up of a potato plant and some corn:
everything has really started taking off! (some of the potato plants and corn are around a foot tall) well have a great rest of the evening. 

2 thoughts on “Happy Sunday!

  1. Karsten thinks that potato plants dont have leaves. Ha! Now I can prove him wrong! It was great seeing you yesterday! Thanks again for doing my alterations!

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