Welcome to the new blog!

I hope that you enjoy it! I am not sure if I am going to keep up with the old blog or just retire it, I guess we will see. I wanted to share a little project that I have been working on this week, shorts and a top for Xavier to wear to my cousin Kristen's baby shower this weekend. I fell in love with this fabric that I ordered at long time ago from reprodepot.com. It is super fun and it is perfect for shorts. Here's a look at the fabric:

* it is a bunch of little people swimming and having fun! 

And here is a closeup of my favorite part:
* a person screaming out SHARK! how funny!
Here is my little guy testing the shorts on… (they haven't been hemmed yet and I added a little pocket, this is when I decided he needs a shirt to go with it)  
I am working on the shirt today and will hopefully get it finished this afternoon. I will be finishing up a couple of tops and get a few other projects out of the way. 
Well, welcome to the new blog and have a fun day! 

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