Sketch board #4 Gifts for Mom and garden update-

I love the ideas on this board- I would love to have one or two of everything on here! ;) 
and now for a garden update- I transplanted some of the tomatoes but I seem to have about 80+ tomato plants around here. Crazy! I still have some more to transplant hopefully they will all grow…
Here is an overview of the seedlings- 
Here are the first 20 transplanted tomato plants- (these are all yellow pear)
Here is the next 20- (some more yellow pear, some tigerella, and crimson beefsteak)
These are all the tomato plants that still need to be transplanted (I have to get more containers)
Here is a closeup at one of the transplants:
and finally the lemon cucumbers have really taken off and already have their secondary leaves, I think I will be planting a lot outside here soon….
Finally, I thought it would be fun to share this art project with you. I am doing this with my mom's 5th grade class. I took a photo where there is only half of you. Then centered it on some illustration board and drew in the rest. (I whipped up this sample yesterday afternoon) 
* it is a rocket ship and the other half of me is an astronaut! Deep space here I come!
Well have a good one! 

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