Inspiration Board

I love to have an area where I can hang up fun things, usually in groups according to color or I create a color story from the grouping that I feel explains the items. So I just redid my board with my current obessions last week and I thought you would like to see them.

Really obessed with anything French right now. (I think that this is an ongoing thing, ex. wedding at the paris hotel in las vegas, love of french cafes, dreaming of owning french bistro chairs, etc)

The colors that I pulled for this palatte are a mustard yellow, medium orange, burnt orange and glossy black. I also felt that the floral motif really fits with it for some crazy reason. A little vintage and a whole lot of fun. 
Next up, it really a summer sort of color story, based really on the colors not so much the images. Summer Yellow, Turquoise on the verge of being Aqua, Muted Orange with a Bright White as the neutral. 
This one is really not 4th of July inspired, more of vintage film with a litte industrial added to keep it fresh. A brick red, crisp white, and gray muted blue. 
For my final story, I recently fell head over heels for Black, Lemon or Pale Yellow, and Leaf Green. It is so striking and simple and if you add some white, I find it really fresh. 
So are you wondering what I do with all these little stories?
1. I develop ideas in my sketchbook with them in mind, whether it is a silhouette or color. 
2. I love to look at them and add to them over a period of time. 
3. It is one of the reasons I read so many magazines and tear out everything that I love.
4. It keeps my creative juices flowing. When I get stumped, I can look at the board and be refreshed. 
5. I use the inspiration for everything creative that I do: scrapbooking, sewing, cardmaking, interior design (I already have palettes and ideas for when I own my own house), gardening, etc. 
Well, enjoy the inspiration and let me know what you think. Do you feel inspired? Do you hang up bits up of things in your creative space? What is making you feel happy right now?

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