Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I hope everyone has a fun filled day! Today, I will be planting the garden….however, yesterday my mom and I spent the morning together. Here's what we did:
First it was off to get haircuts- * I will try to get a photo later. I went with some shorter bangs and lots of layers. My hair is really getting a lot darker and there are already quite a few white hairs. I am not joking I am going white at 25… who knew.
Then it was time for a trip to the quilt barn. I really love this place, they always my favorite fabrics. So mom and I picked out some fabric for a baby gift for a shower that is in a few weeks. Then Heather the owner told me she got in some fabric that I had requested (it wasn't even checked in yet) so I had to have some of it, I got the first cut off the bolt and would have loved to have all of it, but i only went away with two. I am going to make a top for my mom to wear at my cousin's baby shower on Sat. Anyways, here are the swatches of the fabric:
* it is by anna maria horner

I am sure that this looks familar, it has been in fabric spotlight and on one of my party boards.
I love this one and it really looks awesome in person.
After the exciting time at the quilt barn (really how could my day get any better) well, it was off to Shopko to get Murder, She Wrote Season 3!! (yes, it is already in the dvd player, in fact I am listening to it now)
Then we made a pit stop at mcdonald's and got happy meals…. and as soon as I got home it was time to start sewing. I made a mockup of the top for my mom. Fits like a dream and she wear the mock up around the house and I watched some Murder, She Wrote. 
Later that evening we had dinner followed by strawberries with fresh whip cream. 
Really how could a day be any better! 

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