Sorry for the lack of posting…

i have been found here:  

 *sewing napkins for Jeri's 25th birthday party on Sat.
I have spending as much time as I possibly can working in my studio, watching golden girls and murder, she wrote (I am getting desperate for season 3 and the rest of them) and attempting to cross off as many projects as I can in order to devote more time to finishing my portfolio, website (well, deon is working on that), and designing some children's clothing. I will soon be able to show you the projects that I have been working on, but most are baby related items so you will have to wait and see. 

As a side note:
welcome April, may you be filled with productivity, warmer days, garden fun, sewing projects, time spent with friends and family, working out accompanied with weightloss and forging ahead with my career goals.

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