Here is Swatch Board #1

C. Zinnia in Plum from Anna Maria Horner 
I will be posting a swatch board every Wednesday and on Friday I will post my sketches of what I would use these fabrics for. I think that it will be fun for you to see my design process, plus I will hone up my sketching skills and I just thought it would be fun. I am going to be gearing the ol' blog here more towards sewing with a little crafting and my life for future reference. Feel free to share your thoughts….  
In other news, I have what seems like an endless to-do list. I am making progress slowly, but surely. This week I think that I will tackle a lot. I am also working on a bew business endeavor and when it is ready you all will be the first to know.
P.S. Xavier also had to have some stitches in his finger after he cut on a pop can. So my little man has already become a tough guy and got his first 4 stitches at only 17.5 months. I can see that this will not be the last time it happens.  
Have a lovely day and hopefully you are enjoying the spring weather,

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