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coming first thing tomorrow, filled with the sketch and photos of my garden in the making. This weekend has been filled with outdoor projects (finished planting my seedlings), making my garden journal (turned out awesome), and have been doing some spring cleaning. In other news, I ran my finger through the sewing machine so I have not been tackling the projects because I really need that finger to not hurt when I sew. So tomorrow will be the day to tackle those, hopefully.

Here's today's agenda:
Plant eggplant
Put the homemade turkey stock in a ziploc bag
Finish cleaning out the closet upstair (I need room for prop space & a shipping area)
Clean off my desk
Work on my business plan
Do some product development
Research photo shoot locations
Develop an idea for a spring tutorial on the blog

Now, lets see how much I get done!

**edited- crossed off what I achieved yesterday. Now I am going to try to get the rest done and since my laptop is downstairs and the scanner is upstairs the sketches will be up in the morning tomorrow. Plus, I will get the next swatches up. Have an great day!!

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